Support FAQs


What will I need to bring with me to use the internet connection?

eForce internet connections are supplied in one of two ways, either wired or wireless connections.

The wired connection is presented on your stand as a male RJ45 10/100Mbps auto-sensing ethernet connection. This can either plug directly into your PC, laptop or active equipment such as a hub, switch or firewall. This will require the device you are bringing to have an ethernet card installed.

The wireless connection is a industry standard 802.11a/b/g wireless infrastructure. The connecting device such as a PDA, laptop etc will need to have a wireless card installed or be Wi-Fi enabled (for example Centrino or Apple AirPort). The SSID and authentication method will be disclosed when your order is placed.


Can I bring my own wireless router with me to connect on my stand?

We strongly advise against it as this could interfere with the event’s own Wi-Fi provision. We will be happy to discuss options with you. Please note that if you do choose to bring your own kit, we can only support the connection we provide and not your equipment.


Are your IP addresses public or private

eForce by default issue private IP addresses. We can issue public addressing by request. Please specify if you want public addressing at the time of placing your order.


Can I get my IP address in advance?

Yes, IP addresses are normally allocated dynamically using DHCP. If you require a fixed IP address please contact eForce prior to the show, preferably at the time of order to request this service.


Is the internet connection firewalled?

Yes, the firewall is in place to protect your stand from external attack but it runs in transparent mode meaning that virtually all ports inbound and outbound are open. The exceptions being that the firewall currently blocks TCP / UDP ports 135-139 and 445. This means your device can be accessed from externally (VPNs etc). Please refer to our Acceptable & Connection Use Policy (schedule 1 of our Terms & Conditions) for the minimum levels of security and protection required on your equipment.


Who is your internet service provider?

eForce takes it’s bandwidth from Synetrix and uses a host of ISPs –  THUS, Band-X, Level3, INS and Demon. The reason we use so many is purely for resilience, so in the event of a failure of one of the ISPs, we can migrate to another ISP seamlessly.


Can I access my company secure server?

That depends on the security you have set up on your company’s mail server. Usually the answer is, “no”. After all, your company put its mail server behind a firewall to protect it from outside attacks and prying eyes. However, it may be possible for you to go around that protection, but you will need to discuss this with your internal IT department and eForce technical staff well in advance.


How do I get hold of someone when I’m onsite?

Our support helpline number is:

020 7598 2600


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