Before Your Event

It is our experience that most of the calls to eForce during build up and during the show are user / device related problems rather than from our service itself being at fault. Most of these problems could be solved by some preparation prior to arriving at your event. We hope the below will alert you to your responsibilities when bringing IT equipment and help make setup that little bit less stressful.

Once you have ordered your connection, we would ask you or your IT department check the device(s) you are bringing to the show for the following:

  1. Ensure that a proxy server is not defined in your web browser
  2. The homepage of your web browser is not set to your intranet page
  3. Insufficient permissions granted to the user to configure network cards including changing static IP addresses or releasing DHCP addresses. The admin login details will be required if these have to be changed at the exhibition
  4. Wireless adapters need to be present in the devices when wireless connections have been ordered. These should have the latest drivers installed and be tested.
  5. Please ensure that you have the latest revisions / patches of anti virus software installed on your devices
  6. Sometimes multiple devices are brought to the exhibitions along with routers to connect them together. Your company is responsible for configuring the routers and machines.
  7. Due to the many different customer devices and configurations eForce cannot configure customer’s devices. The service is simply to provide a raw unfiltered internet connection. Any configuration work that may be required is subject to availability of staff, will be chargeable, and will not be guaranteed. Nor is it our responsibility to return any changed settings to their original state.


During Your Event

First Line Support

Our team of engineers install all of our connections, and then offer support on the connection once the event is open. Once the event has finished all of the connections are removed and we start again on the next event.

Second Line Support

The network team build a new network on every event to deliver a reliable internet connection with 100% uptime. Unlike office networks, we are flexible in that users can bring whatever device they wish to use onto our network. We therefore have to ensure that any viruses do not affect their experience. The eForce network team monitor all connections during the show to minimize any potential threats on the end user.

N.O.C. Services

eForce continually monitor the entire network infrastructure for tell tale signs of virus outbreaks, malicious use and component failure in order to proactively identify areas or problems before they become apparent to the end user.



The eForce team offer support on all services that we supply to our customers. We have a team of dedicated engineers who can be with you on your stand within minutes to help with any issues you may have.

Our support helpline number is:

020 7598 2600

If the issue is with a wired Internet connection then we will test with a laptop to prove that the connection is working. We also use independent speed test websites to demonstrate the speed you are receiving with the connection provided.


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