Wireless Internet


eForce can provide you with wireless connectivity if required. However we would always recommend that, when the connection is vital to your stand requirements, that you order a wired connection.

Whilst eForce always strive to provide a workable robust wireless connection we cannot guarantee that it will work to the levels it should because of a number of external factors. These include:

  • Third party wireless networks
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Faulty electrical supplies
  • Microwave ovens
  • Wireless Microphones & P.A. systems
  • Physical metal barriers


Wireless is ideal for the closed environment such as the home or meeting rooms but unfortunately the above factors mean that the Exhibition hall is not the ideal place to use wireless for your demonstrations and presentations.


Please note that if you order a wireless connection with eForce then users onsite will be required to accept our terms and conditions, and that you accept the risks associated with wireless connectivity within the exhibition environment. eForce continue to work with the major wireless manufacturers to provide increasingly robust workable solutions.


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