Telephones & ISDN


Whilst we ensure that our services meet the demands of customers utilising the latest forms of technology, we also deliver the more traditional methods of communication to our usual high standards.

Telephone Lines

An analogue telephone line can be installed on your stand to connect PDQ machines, analogue handsets or fax machines. Delivered as a standard BT style socket (RJ11). Calls are charged at the standard national rate. There is no prefix dial to make a call. We will provide you with a line number so you can receive calls as well.

ISDN2e Line

Ideal for radio and television broadcasts. Delivered at 128Kbps, presented as two 64Kbps Channels. Note: All external calls made over phone / fax or ISDN lines are billed by eForce at BT National rates. Please contact us for further information.

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