How We Do It


A New Network for Every Event

For every event our qualified engineering team install brand new Ethernet CAT5e cabling from our strategically placed network switches which ensures that we can work around different floor plans. All cables are tested several times to ensure the best continuity. We also actively monitor the network throughout the show, right down to port level.

The cable is presented with an RJ45 plug, which can be directly plugged into any device which has an Ethernet port or adapter.



eForce constantly look at the way supply our services and have an upgrade program to enable us to be at the forefront of technologies and our game.



The local area network (LAN) is triangulated and therefore offers the best connectivity which remains unaffected due to dual feeds to edge switches from which exhibitors are connected to.


Connection in an exhibition environment are different to the ones you would have at home due to the following:

  1. All connections are installed from switches located in the tunnels or ceilings around the venue, so we do not have internet ports which are on the exhibition floor. This differs from the home environment where your internet connection is provided over your existing phone line. In order to ensure that the quality of your connection is not compromised we always use brand new cables. We have installed up to an incredible 15 kilometers of cabling across one event alone!
  2. Unlike domestic broadband connections, you do not share your bandwidth with any other user. This is measured within the industry by the term “contention ratio”. The contention ratio of the eForce service is 1:1 so your speed will not decrease as more users log-on.
  3. The upload speed and download speed of an eForce connection is the same whereas at home these two speeds may differ. This means you can send and receive to and from the web at greater speed.
  4. The potential speed of your domestic connection depends on which type of connection you have and how far your home is from the local telephone exchange, the further away you are, the slower the speed you get. eForce has invested in infrastructure since inception to give you a constantly fast reliable connection.
  5. We have a dedicated team of trained engineers available on-site to help for those moments when someone has a problem with their connection, so we can help you trouble shoot the problem in a speedy fashion.



You pay only for what you need. You can choose the amount of bandwidth you need, depending on what you want to achieve with your connection. We will advise you on this when you place your order.



In an exhibition environment you need to be able to trust in a reliable internet connection, so when that important new client walks onto your stand you have the confidence that your connection won’t falter half way through your pitch.



Each connection comes with one IP address. eForce internet connections are uncontended so you don’t share your connection with any other user. This differs from the connection you have at home, where the contention ration can be between 20:1 and 50:1. They are also fully synchronous, meaning that if you order 4Mbps, you are given 4Mbps upstream and downstream.



Include full on-site support so if you run into any difficulties, we can have an engineer with you in a short space of time. We can also provide you with hubs, additional IP addressing (dynamic or static) and CAT5 patch leads.


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